January 25, 2023

How to create a Hiro wallet?

Patrycja Makowska
Social Media Manager
1If you have a phrase „seed” import your existing wallet using a Secret Recovery Phrase. If you want create a new wallet; just click Create new wallet so you can set up your account.
2In the first step you will get your secret key. Save it in a safe place where you can be sure that no one will get it. The secret key is needed to log your wallet on your new device. If you lose it and all logged-in devices your wallet will be lost forever!
3 In the second step, you will be asked for the password you will use to log into the wallet on this device. The password must contain at least 12 characters and a number or special character. For security reasons, we recommend you to use more digits and special characters.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your Hiro wallet! The app also introduces you to all possible methods to recharge STX, including transfer from another wallet, or our recommended exchanges Binance, Coinbase and many others.